Mulinaccio Walk

Regulation of the Mulinaccio Walk

The distance is about 4,5 Km. The route develops in a hilly environment on country trails and

roads so you have to be physically prepared. The event is recreation, as is stated from the regional

law n °. 09/07/2003 35 of paragraph 4 and 5. Therefore no medical certification are required. The

registration or participation will be considered as a statement of healthy physical conditions from

the participants, concerning the provisions of law by D.M. of 28/02/83 on Health protection for the

no­competitive activities. The registration fee includes access to the refreshments upon arrival and

use of showers / changing rooms. The organization subscribes to a civil liability insurance for the

entire period of the walk. Participation is under the full responsibility of the participants, who

renounce any recourse against the organizers in case of damage or other consequences arising after

the event. Each participant expressly renounces to make use of image rights during the walk,

renouncing any recourse against the organizer and its accredited partners for the use of his/her

image. The Mulinaccio No­Competitive Walking registration fee is € 2,00 and entitles you to the

refreshment upon arrival and access to showers / changing rooms.